May 30, 2017

Affiliate marketing: how John Crestani generates 500 thousand dollars of income a month at the age of 28

John Crestani was fired at 28 and has since generated up to 500 thousand dollars of income with affiliate marketing while travelling the world.

Affiliate marketing is an intermediary way of selling. It’s about marketing offers from certain businesses from which we get a commission from every sale made.

John says that affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money online. Possibilities are not in creating products which take up your time and money but rather in connections and ensuring simpler use of information for buyers to make their decision to buy easier and faster. Everything bought online can be connected through affiliate marketing. For you, I have researched the system John teaches. On the largest platform for affiliate marketing in the world ClickBank you can endorse products and services where you can get up to 75 percent of the sale.

An example of affiliate marketing: you have your own blog and you write a post on a book you read and offer anyone who is interested a link to check it out on Amazon and from every book sold Amazon pays you a certain percent.

Other examples of affiliate marketing:

  • Uber: they don’t own any cars but they are the largest taxi company in the world. Their goal is to connect people who want to get to a certain destination with people who will take them there.
  • the leading company although they don’t own any hotels.
  • Airbnb: they don’t own any accommodations they advertise for renting
  • Expedia: the leading airline company in the world which does its business digitally and they don’t own any planes. With the help of affiliate marketing, they connect people who are interested in flights.

The basis of affiliate marketing is to connect people with products they need and make a profit.  Ways to connect people with products are:using the Google, Facebook, Youtube, email marketing etc.  John Crestani started in affiliate marketing with endorsing gold through ClickAgain network and later products for skin, and weight loss. Today he earns money teaching others how to use affiliate marketing.

John says you need three things to succeed on the internet: a niche and offer, a marketing system which will attract visitors and a sales funnel which will turn visitors into buyers. You need to choose a niche because it’s easier to earn money and use marketing. John also teaches about three main strategies which he used to get visitors: Facebook, Youtube and Google search engine (optimisation). But anything else can work. The important thing is to find a niche and get visitors who will later turn into buyers.

on Youtube include affiliate links (links to buy) in the video description. John advises the videos to be five to ten minutes long and contain longer descriptions. In John’s opinion, it’s good to post them daily. A good example of a Youtube channel which uses affiliate marketing is Casey Neistat.

– on Facebook include affiliate links in regular and promoted posts.

– with Google strategy, John advises you to rate products and services on review pages (for example, put regal assets review in the search engine and you will see) or use your own blog and get commission for products you endorse. Personal Income website is a good example of the Google strategy. John advises you to compare a few different products (at least five).

Platforms which offer affiliate marketing: 

Where you can read more on affiliate marketing: 

Tools which are useful for affiliate marketing and elsewhere in business: 

Affiliate events: 

For 47 dollars a month you can join monthly courses on affiliate marketing Internet Jetset system by John Crestani in which he also takes part.

Affiliate marketing John Crestani


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