February 15, 2017

Anthony Morrison: Earn with your Facebook page

For my blog, I analysed a system called Fan page domination, which was developed by Anthony Morrison.


Anthony is a lecturer, who helped millions of people around the world and created a successful online business. His key point is that the internet enables anyone in the world to create a successful business. With his system Fan page domination, Morrison gained half a million of Facebook fans and obtained quarter of a million email contacts, all with minimal marketing cost.

What is the system about?

  1. Create a simple Facebook page that promises to give out rewards (it is important to really give them out).
  2. Create viral posts (that is the most important).
  3. Monetize your page (and start earning money).
  4. Obtain email information from your users.
  5. Monetize with obtained emails.

The actual Facebook page created by Anthony using this system is DestinFlorida.com.

A more detailed explanation of the system Fan page domination by Anthony Morrison:

  • Choose a niche, that interests you (for example, travel).
  • Create a Facebook page. You just need a Facebook profile and a cover photo. All you need now is another button that will redirect users to a thank you page.
  • Choose the tools you will use for gathering emails, autoresponders (messages created in advance). You can use ActiveCampaignSurvey Monkey. Use Leadpages or click funnels for the thank you page, where you can thank your users for working with you.
  • Choose the fan rewards and ask yourself about what they want – the reward should be really good (like a holiday in an exclusive location).
  • Consider the frequency of rewards; twice a year.
  • Gain the initial visitors by Facebook ads. Anthony suggests an initial budget of 250 dollars, which should be spread out during multiple days of advertisements.
  • Think about posts that will become viral. Videos are also useful on Facebook. You should always invite them to like and share your post.
  • Redirect your Facebook page users onto the website containing a survey. For surveys you can use Survey MonkeyPolldaddy, Survey Nuts,  Survey Planet etc). Anthony uses BuildRedirects to redirect users from the Facebook page onto the website. It redirects the users according to their past activity. You can use four fields on the survey page: are you currently travelling, how many times did you travel, are you interested in the vacation offer? The last one should be a form, where they can enter their name and email address.
  • Next, you can start using autoresponder – automatic emails created in advance which were designed for your email client.
  • In the autoresponder, redirect your users to a thank you page, where you can earn with Google Ads. Use  Google Adsense to earn by using ads; on top of the page in the text. Thank the users for participating, explain when the winner will be announced and invite them to follow you on Facebook for the reveal.

A practical example of how Anthony used the system:

Travel expenses being 600 dollars, he gave a reward twice a year, which comes to a final cost of 1200 dollars. In the first five months, he obtained 300 new emails every day. In the fifth month, he gained 50.000 new emails and thus increased his fan base to 95 thousand people. The final cost was 1200 dollars or a bit more than one cent per email.

You can follow Anthony on his web page or Facebook page.

Anthony Morrison - earn with Facebook page


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