December 1, 2016

Do you know how to take advantage of Facebook for your company?

My tips on using Facebook for your company. 

  • consider Facebook competitions and coupons which already proved to be effective,
  • small changes like updating a section of your Facebook page play an important role,
  • test different pictures, posts etc.,
  • don’t forget to include a call to action into your posts, for example, take a moment to comment; subscribe to our posts; check out video clips; to get immediate access do… etc.,
  • Facebook posts set as questions are also very effective: What’s your favourite…? In what way…? Today is…What do you think…? If you were deciding, what would you choose? etc.,
  • you have to post on the chosen social media when your target audience is the most active; you can check this through Facebook insights which will tell you when your fans are the most active,
  • use video clips posted directly to Facebook as that is the simplest way to attract users; live videos are very interesting as well (Facebook Live).

Statistics say…

  • multiple studies show that likes, shares and comments are usually made within a few hours after posting,
  • KissMetrics reports that posts involving pictures get 53 percent more likes, 104 percent more comments and 84 percent more clicks than simple text posts,
  • SocialBakers explains, that video clips posted directly to Facebook get 40 percent more involvement of users compared to posts including YouTube links,
  • your posts should be 250 characters or less as that brings larger engagement of the users; it is even better to keep the posts under 80 characters,
  • studies show that 35 percent of Facebook users like pages which inlude competitions; Socially Stacked also states that 42 percent of users like pages where they can win a discount or a coupon,
  • BuzzSumo analysed millions of Facebook pages and discovered that posts which don’t involve hashtags achieve greater user involvement compared to posts that do use them,
  • SocialMediaExaminer states that targeted posts are always better than public posts open to all as it is easier to get customers to engage,
  • consider a local Facebook page; Authenticity Marketing states that a local Facebook page has a 5 times greater reach and 8 times greater user engagement compared to a business Facebook page,
  • a study carried out by Buddymedia also states that user engagement is 18 percent higher on Thursdays and Fridays and that Facebook pages posting once or twice a day reach out to 40 percent more users compared to Facebook pages which post three or more times a day,
  • I suggest that you follow two Facebook authorities: Jon Loomer  and Mari Smith .

As always, we must be careful when using statistics. Always try out different things on your Facebook page and on targeted audience.

Use the following applications and websites to help you run your Facebook page:



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