March 15, 2017

The website where you simply hire a professional for a minor task

The mentioned website is Fiverr  which was established by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman.

I have been using Fiverr since 2013. The company is located in Israel and offers over 3 million services for entrepreneurs. For the hired service, you or your company, of course, receive an invoice, and people do their best because you rate them which has value for their future work and further business with clients. On Fiverr, you can hire graphic designers, translators, marketing specialists, programmers, video producers, etc. In addition to service payment, from July 2016, you must pay a processing fee which is $1 for orders up to $20 and 5 % with orders over $20.

The aim of the website is mainly the simple execution of minor tasks which you need done at a certain moment or you can hire people for only one task and you are not bound to work with them again. The prices range from 5 to several thousand dollars. The services offered are called gigs.

Fiverr recognizes four types of sellers:
– new seller (active under 30 days, have at least 10 orders and at least 4 stars),
level 1 (at least 50 orders in 2 months, rated at least 4.5),
level 2 (many orders, rated between 4.7 and 5),
top rated seller (chosen by Fiverr editors).

The website is divided into nine categories: 

  • Graphics & Design: designing business card, logos, T-shirts, flyers, etc.
  • Digital marketing: help with marketing strategy, optimisation, email marketing, etc.
  • Writing & Translation: translating, public relation statements, help with writing, etc.
  • Video & Animation: English speakers for hire, video animation, introduction videos, etc.
  • Music & Audio: lending voices, recording certain sounds, adding musical effects, etc.
  • Programming & Tech: help with your website, online shop, mobile app, setting up analytics, etc.
  • Advertising: holding signs with your logo and taking photographs, etc.
  • Business hiring a virtual assistant, market researcher, etc.
  • Fun & Lifestyle: online courses, relationship advice, making funny videos, etc.

My recommendations before ordering a service on  Fiverr:
number of orders a person has – the more the better,
number of stars – one to five,
positive rating presented in % from 1 to 100,
about this gig – the description of the service.

A piece of advice that many do not consider when ordering on Fiverr: write a private message to the seller to ask questions before ordering or negotiate a special offer if you are ordering more things from the same seller. Every seller is able to make a special offer just for you.

Fiverr website


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