April 20, 2017

Maja Voje exclusively for the blog: How to Use LinkedIn for Business?

Maja Voje is an expert in growth hacking and a LinkendIn connoisseur, therefore I asked her to write a post exclusively for my blog on how small businesses can utilize  LinkedIn for themselves and their businesses.

LinkedIn is a business network which is mainly intended for networking and making business connections. In case you haven’t heard, LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft, has recently changed significantly and aims to become the largest space for job searching by 2020.  

The best ways to permanently ensure a strong LinkedIn profile according to Maja Voje are: 

  1. LinkedIn functions the same way as Google. It indexes key words. Have you considered with which key words you want people to find you? This is called LEOLinkedIn Engine Optimization.
  2. Fill in as much boxes as you can and complete your profile. The LinkedIn algorithm in search highlights the profiles which have more views and are more complete.

For most people, LinkedIn is among the first three hits on Google: think about what you want to communicate to your clients.

It’s not a surprise that clients, business partners, future employees and other target participants of your company will google you. Most land on LinkedIn sooner or later. Entrepreneurs, marketers and sellers should not be using LinkedIn in the same way as people who are looking for work. Maja says that when she is asked to help with LinkedIn profile optimization, people don’t care who you are, but they will be all ears when you tell them what you can do for them. While you’re writing texts for your LinkedIn profiles, keep in mind that you’re communicating to readers which of their business problems you can solve.

Practical examples of how to appear on LinkedIn:

Thomas Paris

Maja’s friend from Belgium with a growth hacking agency – www.linkedin.com/in/paristhomasbel

Ronald van Loon

Dutch data science expert – www.linkedin.com/in/ronald-van-loon-5411a

Tip: If you don’t know what to write, Maja advises using the tool LinkedIn headline generator

Because the new LinkedIn user interface makes your headline, two lines of the summary and your last work experience the most visible, it is advisable to condense key information in these fields. Two simple methods to spark interest are to integrate relevant numbers into the text which show how good you are in your business (growth, income, number of markets, etc.) and known elements such as brands (partners, suppliers, customers). 

Quick tips for optimization: The case of Žan Nekrep

Let’s look at Žan’s profile on LinkedIn:

Zan Nekrep LinkedIn

At first glance, I would recommend this:

The profile link can be changed in such a way that it won’t contain numbers and letters, only your name. Žan should make his cover photo (dimensions 1535 x 768 px) for LinkedIn showing happy cat and dog owners or a summer willow garden. He can do this using Free LinkedIn backgrounds or make his own graphic in Canva.

Tamara from Infinium has done that splendidly which you can see HERE:


Under the headline, Žan should write how he can help customers. He should include a summary

Under activity, the new LinkedIn interface shows the last 6 posts (Žan’s activity). If Žan wrote a LinkedIn article he would have only 3 last posts and the article exposed in large which would bring traffic in the long run. Žan should add text and multimedia to his last position (e.g. links to his page) which is the only one displayed automatically. He may copy it from me at www.linkedin.com/in/majavoje/ under Your Articles & Activity, and Experience:


It would be much better if he linked these profiles to the official pages. If he doesn’t have them, he can simply create them. He can find instructions at Creating a LinkedIn Company Page. It’s important that all the employees are linked on the same company page. This is how the company page can develop into a separate social network. 

Žan’s email is not apparent enough. If you want to contact people on LinkedIn for business purposes, it is good practice to place your website and email in a visible spot. I had to look for Žan’s email with Prophet (on the photo on the top right side):


Increase your outreach and relevance on LinkedIn

This is what Maja Voje believes is important:

  • Write quality articles, take part in groups relevant to your field and post at least two links/photos/notices every week. When you are active on LinkedIn, the number of views is growing just because people see you, and also LinkedIn ranks active profiles higher in the search bar. The practice which worked best for Maja Voje was posting a LinkedIn article. She does this a few times a year for high quality content only. Others reached similar results, e.g.  Frugi  by posting slides on SlideShare. Maja got 12 requests for consulting projects from the article which she wrote and can be seen HERE. The post wasn’t sponsored on LinkedIn. She got all the outreach with social media channels and because the topic was really interesting and was well indexed on Google. You can see more on the picture below:

reach LinkedIn article Maja Voje

  • You can easily access analytics. It’s since recently shown on your LinkedIn homepage in your news feed. You click on the number you want to analyse and see who viewed your profile any what was the outreach of your posts.

Adding people (seen in the picture below) who have already viewed your profile, usually gives good results, especially if you add a pleasant greeting to your invite. 

 LinkedIn connect

You can get interesting suggestions for new contacts if you use search and filter them by criteria on the right side as pictured below:  


Accept the fact that LinkedIn is very slow. In contrast with Facebook and Twitter, where you instantly lose posts when you refresh the page, LinkedIn is a very slow medium. Likes, comments and impressions linger for a week. Posts can even have a lifecycle lasting for weeks which Maja finds fascinating. But this doesn’t by any means you can’t track success on LinkedIn. Try generating links with Bitly and always have a realistic image of the traffic you’ve had.  

Bonus materials instead of a farewell paragraph:  Because Maja doesn’t like goodbyes, she gives you two great resources which will help you to create a phenomenal LinkedIn profile and new business opportunities:  

Maja also has her website at www.majavoje.com/ and, of course, her LinkedIn profile at www.linkedin.com/in/majavoje

Maja, I would like to thank you on behalf of the readers for the great content and suggest to the reader to check out the 100 growth hacking tools which Maja recommends at  https://growth-hacking.zeef.com/majavoje

How to Use LinkedIn for Business Maja Voje


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