December 28, 2016

Trend: Marketing automation

Marketing automation process is a system of software usage with the goal to automate marketing activities.

If you know how to properly use it for your company, it can be a great tool. You can, for example, use it to direct your potential buyers to the website, to social media, email with a view to generate new and improve existing leads. Lead is a customer’s interest to buy your products or services.
A study called Nuclear Research reported that 95 percent of the companies which used marketing automation had at least one benefit from it. InTouch CRM meanwhile reported that 75 percent of the companies reimbursed ROI in one year (ROI stands for result of investment return).

Where can you use marketing automation?
– in your email marketing,
– analytics,
– managing your social media and leads.

Aa actual example of marketing automation in steps:

  • you send an email invitation to certain potential customers and invite them to download your e-book,
  • you send a thank you email to the customers who downloaded the e-book,
  • after a few days, an automatic email is sent to everyone who downloaded the e-book and offers them some extra content, for example, a research or study from that field,
  • after downloading the extra content, you will get notified. A potential buyer who went through all these steps is certainly closer to the decision to purchase than someone who doesn’t know you.

Marketing automation preparation

If you want to correctly set the automation, I suggest you prepare yourself. You must set a goal which you are trying to achieve. The goal is usually to convert many interested buyers into actual buyers which means larger profit for the company. The goal must be written down in detail (for example, 25 percent of the individuals signed up for your mailing list, will become your buyers who will purchase again in the following six months). After setting a goal, you should focus on the content you will offer and choose the tools and analytics you will use. Following this is a promotion plan, where you ask yourself how you will reach out to potential buyers. Without the flow of real interested buyers, your marketing automation will not be successful. You can’t leave out the last phase – you must make sure your employees support the marketing automation campaigns.

What are the cons?

Among marketing professionals the most common question is if the automation is worth the investment. In some cases, companies invest too many resources into automation (time and money), so be careful with every activity and investment you make.

Software and tools which will help you with marketing automation:



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