January 15, 2017

What I learned from one of the most influential people online for my business?

This time I wrote a summary of knowledge I gained from Neil Patel which took me many years and hours to learn.

Do you want to know which are the key summaries that will be of interest to you and your company?

Wall Street Journal says that Neil Patel is one of the most influential people on the web.  He is the co-founder of many companies and advises companies like Amazon, Google, NBC etc. He even received an award from the US President Obama.

If you use email marketing for your business, Neil Patel explains that the best time to send emails is at 3 pm on Thursdays.  As many as 85 percent of individuals open an email in the two days from receiving it. An interesting fact is that only 21 percent of purchases are carried out in the following two days, and 32 percent are made in the two weeks after sending the email. If your goal is to add people to your mailing list you might want to know why people unsubscribe and what is the most common reason for it, whether they receive emails too often, the content of emails is repetitive or became boring, whether the individual receives too many emails from different companies and has selected just a few, etc.

The best tactic to get contact information from your customers is email marketing and landing pages, content marketing (where you build your content), search engine optimization, social network marketing and webinars.

Patel also says that it’s important to have a website customised for mobile devicesInfographics, which is data created by graphics, is a trend which will have a growing demand online. Besides infographics also use videos since 90 percent of information our brain perceives is visual information which can be remembered 60,000 times faster compared to words.

53 percent of individuals click on the first search result of Google and only 4 percent on the fifth result. The answer to the eternal question of what influences the ranking of your website in search engine results is the optimisation of your website, the website’s content, trust and authority of your website, quality links from other websites, etc.

Webinars are a good way to compile clients’ emails. Neil Patel says, that the best days to host webinars are Tuesdays. Also, very successful is remarketing which defines a strategy that helps us reach out to the individuals who have visited our website before but did not make a purchase. According to him, 70 percent of visitors who get to your shopping cart (if you own an online shop) terminate their process.

If you own an online shop, don’t forget to test different elements like the buttons “Add to cart” (in his case the response almost doubled when the buttons were changed from green to orange). He also says that the button “Add to cart” has a much better response compared to the button “Buy now.” Loading time of the website is also very important as 47 percent of visitors expect the website to load in 2 seconds. Every extra loading second can mean a 7 percent lower conversion which I explained at the beginning of this post. Conversion is significant online because it means the percentage of webpage visitors actually convert into a purchase.

An example of a conversion practice by Neil Patel:

  • 4200 subscribe to your newsletter and receive your e-book,
  • 3400 download your e-book (81 percent),
  • 1880 carry out at least one activity (45 percent),
  • 375 buy something (which is, in this case, a 9 percent conversion).

ROI (return on investment): Neil quotes an example of email marketing which should return of 40 dollars for each dollar spent. Another example is SEO or optimization for browsers which should return 22 dollars for every spent dollar.

Use upsell strategy and offer your customers a more expensive product or an additional product, thus trying to increase your profits with more purchases. Neil Patel gives Amazon as an example as it usually offers multiple extra options for the most commonly products purchased with the chosen product and products that other buyers bought when viewing this product, etc.

You can check out Neil Patel’s website and blog at neilpatel.com and get more useful information.




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