April 5, 2017

Online marketing: what I learned from the person who charges 25,000 dollars for his knowledge?

Frank Kern holds seminars which cost up to 25,000 dollars per person. Many see Kern as one of the greatest “gurus of online marketing” in the world.

There is not money only in your mailing list but in the relationship which you create with your mailing list. The relationship is built with benefits for your mailing list. You must be aware that some people from your mailing list will never buy from you whatever you do. In the beginning, it is important that you define your ideal customer, to determine the characteristics of people who will buy from you and of those who will not (name, gender, age, whether they wear glasses, their profession and how much they earn, whether they are single or married, etc.). A way to create a mailing list is to offer, for example, a free newsletter or a short e-book in exchange for the email of a potential buyer. The format that Kern recommends is, for example, a newsletter in pdf format and a video. Videos give buyers a higher value so you should use them in obtaining email addresses from your customers.

I will introduce you to his system which is called Mass conversion.

Identify TOP 20 competitors in the search engine Google (find their Facebook pages, sign up for their mailing lists) and later try out the success with similar marketing actions as competition, and advertise your offer to their fans on Facebook.

The best website for compiling emails (optin-page) must, according to Kern, contain a very good title, name, email, a graphic on the left, for example, a photo of an e-book and next to it the text for the e-book.  On the bottom of the right side of the page have the button to sign up. Do not forget terms and conditions, for which Frank advises to create with FormSwift . For creating websites, Frank uses Megaphoneapp, Unbounce or Leadpages. When clients sign up for the mailing list they should arrive at a thank you page which should contain an offer (video form is the best). For the video on the thank you page he recommends the use of Wistia.

The system with which Frank Kern sells his information products online and uses online marketing:
– Start as if you were talking about a trailer and tell the listeners what they will learn.
– Ask the listeners to take a pen and paper.
– Start with a countdown and speak in metaphors, for example, imagine the following scenario …
– Ask questions such as “what if I showed you” and the questions should be focused on results.
– Show something sceptical which you later resolve and offer a solution, be honest and genuine.
– In this phase start teaching and present what you can offer.
– While describing the offer set a due date, tell the story of how you used this product and describe the benefits it had for you. In the end, tell them they can get the same product.

How to explain the offer of your product, for example, in a video according to Frank Kern:

  • First explain the essence of your product: focus on three benefits and explain them well, later focus on one basic benefit.
  • Create a high added value of the product with three methods: other products sell for (price), but they do not have (benefit) like your product. This product usually sells for (price) but if you were to do yourself what this product does it would cost you (price).
  • Offer 3 instalments or one instalment for a lower price and in that moment, offer the product for a lower price.
  • Offer a guarantee which must be clear and two bonuses to your offer.
  • Give the reason why they should order immediately, e.g. the price will go up, the bonuses will be gone or the offer will be removed.
  • Repeat the offer and bonuses, mention the guarantee and why they should order today.

For advertising, he recommends Facebook ads, where you should test and check the following: 

  • different interests which you tag,
  • custom audiences – these are email contacts from your existing customer base or potential buyers at which you aim according to activities they do on your website,
  • gender – Frank discovered that there can be big difference between genders in advertising on Facebook, for example, for men who registered for their event he paid 69 dollars for conversion (price at which someone buys), meanwhile for women over 300 dollars in some cases,
  • age – he tested four different age groups for his product: 25-34, 35-44, 45-54 and over 55.
  • differences in purchases in days – in one of our projects when we advertised on Facebook, the best day for purchases turned out to be Monday, and the worst Sunday
  • photos in ads which present up to 70 % of the meaning in the Facebook ad,
  • titles in ads – works well in all markets, e.g. HOW … big benefit. RIGHT NOW, or the question, e.g. Would you like to learn + big benefit free,
  • Facebook ads do not need to be constantly changed; in his seminars, Frank shows the method where the same ads are rotating for 2 to 3 months. He then changes them after 3 months,
  • amount of text in ads – shorter texts have shown to be better than longer ones,
  • retargeting – repeating ads to those who have already shown interest in your products or services in the past; Frank recommends using AdRoll for retargeting
  • testing different ads positions – choosing Facebook ads, you have the option of desktop news feed, mobile news feed and right column; do not put all options into one ad so you can test it; mobile ads usually get more clicks, but this does not mean that they have more conversions;
  • use targeting – you are interested in who they are following (who is, e.g. the leader in your niche), what they are interested in (e.g. which blogs, magazines, etc.) and do not forget about Facebook tracking pixel (a code which you set on your website to measure activity of people who you will advertise to on Facebook).

Frank Kern online marketing


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