August 6, 2017

The largest community for increasing your earnings online

Wealthy affiliate
is a community of over 800 thousand entrepreneurs who want to earn money online and offers many opportunities for constant learning. Every day over 10 thousand people use the community and I am one of them.  

Wealthy Affiliate community is based on affiliate marketing which can help you promote a product without creating one, without having a stock of products or customer support, and the best thing is that you can do this anywhere in the world. As an affiliate promotor, you can redirect buyers to a website of a company where you can get up to 75 % from sales you make. An example of affiliate marketing is the largest online shop in the world Amazon, where they offer more than 500 million products and commissions up to 10 percent for every purchase. Amazon Affiliate program is also the largest affiliate program in the world. Other offer it as well, for example, Walmart has its own named Affiliate link. On Amazon, you can start earning with writing reviews where you compare products, write about the advantages and disadvantages, the price, specifications and include the link where it can be purchased.  

Wealthy Affiliate recommends using Google Alerts, where Google will alert you on new products in your niche which can benefit you if you want to earn money with product descriptions.  It’s important your descriptions are truthful because this will make quality content and you will be able to sell more through affiliate links (links with which you recommend others). The same strategy can be used in the second largest search engine in the world YouTube, where you can add affiliate links into video descriptions. This is possible also with using social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. If you use Twitter, Trendsmap can help you with trend search. I use Facebook, Youtube and Instagram for promoting my projects while I didn’t get much response on Twitter and we stopped all of our activities there.

I advise you to actively use two or three social networks at the most rather than using more less actively. If we take a look, for example, at different types of guitars, Amazon has over a million. One purchase alone can get you up to 1000 € in commission, which is measured with special links which your buyers visit (namely, affiliate links). There are over 100 thousand affiliate programs in the world and only last year the industry of affiliate marketing made over 3 billion dollars in sales. Many well paid affiliate marketers are members of Wealthy Affiliate community. On Google, you can simply find affiliate programs for your niche with typing your keyword + affiliate program, for example, fitness gear + affiliate program.

Examples of affiliate networks where you can promote other products:

The steps to success according to Wealthy affiliate are:
1. choose an interest or find a niche
2. create a website and optimize it
3. get visitors
4. start earning.

The most important activity which will bring you success is publishing quality content. Remember, your goal is to help people get information they are looking for. You, of course, shouldn’t forget that your website has to be well optimized (for visitors to find you in search engines). Wealthy Affiliate recommends using All in One SEO plug-in. Also, use Google Webmasters which will go through your website from optimization viewpoint and draw your attention to its problems, e.g. with searching. Don’t forget to create a Google plus account since it helps with better ranking of your website. Google Analytics is a free tool for website visitors information analysis which is very important information for you. In optimization you have to avoid spammers, who trash comments on your website with useless content – it’s smart to use  Akismet which will help you block such content.

Optimization for search engines should be optimized to keywords which are most searched and specific. They advise Jaaxy for keyword research. Use keywords also when you create content – in the content or title and in one of the first paragraphs. If your website is well visited you can also earn with Google Adsense network which is the mediator between you and the advertiser (you get paid 68 percent from what the advertiser pays, for example, of the advertiser pays 1 € per click, you earn 68 cents).

In creating content, photos are also important and you can get free photos at:

If you want to earn online I recommend you sign up for free at  Wealthy Affiliate. The website Wealthy affiliate was started in 2005 and its members come from almost 200 countries from around the world. In the last year alone they helped over 200 thousand people. In business, it is important to ask questions – in online business everything is changing fast. In their community, you have the opportunity to ask the members who are already successful or have faced challenges you are facing now.

I also use Wealthy Affiliate to earn money. See what it looks like below :

The community is not only recommended for online earning but also for those who deal with anything online, for example, social media, online shops etc. Average time to get an answer from them is less than two minutes. With their help, you can start using the platform SiteRubix, where you can create a website in under a minute. They also have three thousand website templates. Each year they organize 52 live online courses for their members which you can watch later as well. They also update their courses (at least 750) every year.

What Wealthy Affiliate live training looks like:

Signing up is free, so is the use of the community. You can, however, pay 49 dollars per month (or even less if you pay for a whole year) for the premium package. Whether you sign up for free or invest in the premium package, you can use the available tools, e.g. for keyword research or for writing articles. I recommend you sign up for free at Wealthy Affiliate, because every knowledge, every mentor and each information helps you to succeed.


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