About me

About me

Lecturer on digital marketing, 15 years of experience in business, over a 100 projects

  • I’ve started with a loan and created four businesses which are still successful today
  • Consultant and speaker for digital marketing (I’ve significantly lowered the cost of Facebook advertising for a marketing company of the year, produced a sales record for a restaurant in its 100 year tradition, and overtook salesmen from Europe in selling printed advertising space, etc.)
  • Consultant for selling products on Amazon (I myself sell products on Amazon in three niches)
  • Consultant to YouTubers (some of my clients have over 200 million views)
  • Organizer of the largest business events in Slovenia (I brought Vin Clancy and Manny Fernandez to Slovenia for the first time)
  • Sold successful slovenian trademarks I created (Kužek, Mucek, etc.)
  • Author of articles on digital marketing and earning on the internet published in different media


I will be honest with you. In my early business years, I created a lot of stories that were mostly unsuccessful and took a lot of time and money, but with the right mentors I found different ways that can help anyone start their own company. I have 10 years of practical experience in business, I have read numerous books and visited countless seminars. On a daily basis, I socialize with positive thinking people with a similar mentality to mine. I gained my theoretical knowledge at University of Economics.

The experience that influenced me:

My childhood was surely not pleasant. I spent a lot of time in hospitals. I was sick a lot and I’m still afraid of needles. I missed a lot of my primary education too. In my business career I was influenced by my father and his business that went bankrupt.

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You can write to me at zan@zannekrep.si.