November 24, 2016

How Primož went from earning 7 dollars to 400 dollars per hour anywhere in the world?

This time I summarized the system Zero to Launch by Ramit Sethi

The system is very comprehensive and it helped thousands of people to develop successful online businesses including Slovenian Primož Božič who was, due to his success, published multiple times in international media like Business Insider.

Who is Ramit Sethi?
He is an individual who influenced at least half a million people. His methods were published by many known publishers like CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, etc. Ramit also owns the blog called I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

He also helped Slovenian Primož Božič who used to work for a technology company where he was paid 7 dollars per hour. He decided to use Ramit’s system and started earning 400 dollars per hour which is the reason why I decided to check out the system for myself. Primož teaches people how to increase their productivity and owns the blog called Skyrocket Your Productivity in English. I personally spoke to Primož who helped me to write this article. Ramit’s system greatly differs from most other authors who teach how to earn money online. His main focus is the content because this is the main point which will help you generate revenue online.

Sethi suggests that you create a system which works for you personally. For example, if you only have 5 hours of time available each day, use 2 of those hours to create content, 2 hours to promote it on different platforms (such as forums) and 1 hour to strategize and plan.

How to get content ideas? Think about the things your friends always say you’re good at and you would do if you had 3 hours of spare time every day.

To determine if your idea is even appropriate to be used with Ramit’s system, you have to use a matrix of demands where you have four options:
– you offer a high price and have few customers – you focus on content which teaches how to improve customer satisfaction,
– you offer a lower price and have more customers – content about how to save time,
– the worst option is to have a low price and not many customers – teach people how to take better photographs,
– the best option by Ramit’s opinion is to have a high price and many customers – you offer content on how to lose weight.

Any new content ideas must then be researched online with the help of:
– Amazon (customer reviews are important for you) – you focus on reviews ranking from 2 to 4 which are written by customers and explain what is missing from a book. Look for at least 5 top read books from this field and write down titles, subtitles, index, etc.,
– look at different forums and check which offer answers to different questions for your topic, like Reddit or Quora,
– use the tool Google Keyword Planner which tells you the number of monthly searches for a certain keyword in the Google search engine.

What you need to know about your potential customers who you offer content and products to?
– who are they; you have to know the details: employed men who are too busy to date and aren’t interested in meeting at clubs,
– where you can find them, for example, in which Facebook groups and/or to which YouTube channels they are subscribed to,
– what are their problems,
– what are their wishes and ambitions,
– what are the obstacles in their path,
– it’s the most important to know what are they troubled by and what kind of questions they ask themselves, for example, some people wonder how to be less shy.

What should your first content product, which will produce revenue online, be?
Ramit suggests that the first product should be a short video course which consists of 4 to 8 video clips about the topic that you chose. Each video should be 10 to 20 minutes long. Why video courses? They appeal to customers more than written text and are faster to produce. Besides that, anyone can make them. Later you can also offer longer video clips, different pieces of advice or even create a paid event.

The important rule which Ramit uses when building a system through content: 90 % should be free and only 10 % of the best content should be sold.

3 steps to creating content and its promotion:
– create outstanding content,
– create a list of potential readers,
– create a list of 5 websites where readers spend time and work on promotion.

Most of the authors say that the website is the most important part of the product but Ramit’s opinion is that the website is not as important as the content. Besides content, it is important to compile emails and sen dan email to your readers for every new blog post. It is also important to communicate with them and ask certain questions.

The techniques for improving sales after the content product is created on your website:
– add a countdown to your website which will count down the offer validity period,
– offer different payment methods, for example, payment in instalments which is 20 to 25 percent higher in price than the basic offer,
– sell something extra or more expensive to customers who buy the basic offer – we call that upsell,
– if after the initial offer they don’t buy your product, send them an email as to why they didn’t buy it.




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